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Zscaler Cloud Protection 2022 Review And Best Alternatives



You want to make sure that nothing is coming in through your HTTPS traffic. For anything that is coming in that might be a threat, you want to ensure that you are using a good proxy for that. There is malicious traffic out there, so you want to make sure you are tracking and viewing that. There are a lot of threats that come through as well as a lot of programming languages, so you definitely need to inspect traffic.

They are similar in their design, but Zscaler has features in its design that make it stand out from the competitors. And they do it only in the RAM memory of their cloud solution machines, which makes it super-fast. They can scan a lot of traffic in a very short amount of time. That part is something that a lot of other vendors are not doing. ZPA might sound like a viable option for secure enterprise access, but performance is a known issue for several reasons. First, of Zscaler’s 150 PoPs, ZPA is available from 50 locations.

Zscaler is a next-generation cloud security solution built for supreme performance and flexible scalability. The software relies on its over 100 datacenters distributed across all continents, enabling it to assist companies in delivering their content with nary a delay. These skills, which serve as the first line of defense against the threats posed by the internet, are depended on by thousands of enterprises all over the world. Cisco’s networking technologies are responsible for enabling and safeguarding 85 percent of all of the world’s Internet traffic.

Zscaler helps customers securely accelerate digital transformation with a zero trust architecture – MIT Technology Review

Zscaler helps customers securely accelerate digital transformation with a zero trust architecture.

Posted: Mon, 14 Mar 2022 07:00:00 GMT [source]

This provides you the choice to select the business-related items you require. For example, if your engineers utilize containers as part of the software development process, you may choose a CrowdStrike Falcon module that provides insight into container utilization. We have also listed a few alternatives to zScaler Cloud Protection that can work in your favor and protect data against malware, ransomware, and other threats. If you want to protect your data, users, and workloads without compromising their performance, go for Barracuda CloudGen Firewall.

As for saving time with this system versus deploying and managing traditional network security hardware, it depends on how you build your management of the solution. We have opted for a solution where we manage everything centrally. We have one IT team that manages all of the Zscaler Internet Access policies and settings. But there is an option, and it’s one of the strengths of Zscaler, to delegate control of parts or all of the solution to other teams. For instance, you could have URL Filtering policies that are managed by a local IT team in a given country. We manage everything from one team and we control everything, for our whole organization, from this management platform.

The Barracuda Firewall Control Center is a centralized administrative unit designed to handle tens of thousands of CloudGen Firewalls from a single interface. It has an extensive array of central management services and capabilities. ZScaler Cloud Protection supports web-based devices and platforms. Allows use of advanced threat protection to inspect all transactions. Enables organizations to secure web/app traffic across cloud environments. Customer faults may lead to cloud security incidents.

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I don’t need to have firewalls, SIEMs, or an IPS/IDS. So, if all my end users are remote and using Office 365, I am already protecting them because they are in the cloud. I just have to attach the security application, which makes sure that any user who is mobile or remote is protected, without spending money on other solutions.

  • The multi-country nature of it allows us to keep the proxy closer to the user so a user’s data doesn’t transit as far as it would otherwise.
  • Finally, the bravely named Transformation Edition extends the usability of the core and business-oriented service to application workloads and business-to-business customers.
  • Fortinet was recognized as a Leader in the 2021 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Network Firewalls, marking the twelfth time the company had earned this distinction.
  • Zscaler Cloud Security Platform is equipped with an always-on monitor.
  • During the consecutive lockdowns due to the pandemic, Watercare found that one of its legacy security solutions had failed completely.

Employees also rated Zscaler 4.1 out of 5 for work life balance, 4.5 for culture and values and 4.5 for career opportunities. Zscaler makes you feel like you are a part of a family. Consistently trying to put their employees in positions to succeed and providing the resources and tools to do so. Zscaler places the needs of the employee first and that does not happen too often, should you have an exigent circumstance arise there are no questions asked other than “What can I do to help?”. This company has welcomed me with open arms and continues to wow me along the way.

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We were already using a very powerful tool to do this, but that tool wasn’t quite as fast and smart. We are using it with 20% to 25% of our business at the moment. We are migrating to it from our previous legacy platform. I would rate Zscaler Professional Services and technical support as eight out of 10. I am dropping two points because of some blanks in the time zone support.

zscaler review

For example, at last count, the Zscaler.net subcloud had only 58 data centers in unique locations ready for use by ZIA customers. SASE is meant to be a global cloud service that provides secure access everywhere — at sites, on the road and in the cloud. With SASE, enterprises displace their many networking and security appliances with a single global service.

Zscaler Review

Find out more about salaries and benefits at Zscaler. This rating has decreased by -1% over the last 12 months. The Service Provider, not CDW, will be responsible to you for delivery and performance of these services. Except as otherwise set forth in the Service Provider’s agreement, these services are non-cancellable, and all fees are non-refundable.

zscaler review

Additionally, the cloud security platform requires an annual license to run the Zscaler Cloud protection platform. For more pricing details or licensing, contact and request the sales team. The cloud-native proxy architecture certainly seems fast enough. The multi-country nature of it allows us to keep the proxy closer to the user so a user’s data doesn’t transit as far as it would otherwise.

For global enterprises, this means WAN traffic is still exposed to the unpredictability and poor performance of the global internet. All traffic — even traffic used for managing the service — is routed over the public internet. While a private backbone and WAN optimization can make a significant difference in performance, none of those technologies are available with Zscaler. With ZPA, enterprises gain zero-trust access to private applications running on public cloud or within the data center. Companies add the Zscaler App Connector VM on the same network segment as the server running an application.

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Provides comprehensive protection to your sensitive data stored on the web, in the cloud, or in private applications. It is an all-in-one cloud security solution that routes traffic locally and prevents data from malware zscaler review and threats. Is another great solution that stops threats and secures cloud workloads, containers, servers, and applications. With more and more use of cloud services, it is vital to look after the main line of defense.

There are currently no ratings for this product yet. Is a public utility company that converts over 100 gallons of freshwater into drinking-safe water daily for just under two million residents in the greater Auckland, New Zealand region. It also treats wastewater, before returning it to the coastal waterways. Multi-dimensional go-to-market models that focus on end-to-end customer success and scaling enterprise sales. Here is a comprehensive review of Zscaler’s eight leading alternatives.

Zscaler also cannot provide dedicated IP addresses to customers. The only options are backhauling traffic through the ZPA service to a data https://xcritical.com/ center location, or proxy chaining. Finally, Zscaler data centers rely on the internet to connect with one another, not a global backbone.

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But it doesn’t deliver SD-WAN or converge internet access and WAN security, leaving it with only part of a SASE platform. To make things easier, you can have your ZPA automatically identify and notify you of the applications the access to which is being requested by users, or do everything manually. The same interface is used to set up specific policies that regulate access to apps, with an option to make all other applications virtually invisible and unroutable to unauthorized users. Ditch your legacy VPN hardware and automate your network security with ZTNA. Secure remote access from anywhere with just a few clicks.

These solutions also enable Cisco to offer these services. Zscaler is not a good alternative to Cisco Umbrella when it comes to protecting web gateways because Cisco Umbrella offers more features. Falcon is a cloud-based security platform provided by CrowdStrike. Secure access service edge protection SASE features expand the software’s defenses to your cloud-enabled infrastructure.